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About Pneumatically Actuated freebear unit

Our technology for Pneumatically Actuated freebear unit

Heavy objects can be freely conveyed and seated

With the ON and OFF of the air valve, the freebears can lift the conveyance object with the force of the air.
You can easily and quickly convey and accurately position jigs and workpieces with a slight force.
They are very useful in combining with assembly lines, and conveying and setting press molds.

When raised


By supplying air to the unit, the built-in freebears rise to lift the conveyance object. When the starting frictional resistance (μ) is less than 3/100, they can freely 360° move the conveyance object.

When lowered


Once the air supply stops, the conveyance object is seated by its own weight.

Piping examples

※Please use the vacuum generator as shown in the figure below if required to force down the cylinder.

Widely used for applications requiring accurate and smooth conveyance of jigs, molds and workpieces.

Jigs, molds and workpieces need to be conveyed accurately and smoothly.
With a pneumatically actuated freebear unit, 1 ton of conveyance object can be freely 360° conveyed
with a force of only 0.2~0.3KN (20~30Kgf). Positioning can also be performed in a short time.
Besides, with the use of air, the work environment remains clean.


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