Pneumatically Actuated freebear unit


T-groove insertion type roller unit ARU-2444 Series

The unit with built-in rollers rises and lowers through air pressure.
Compared with the freebear unit, the roller has a smaller starting frictional resistance (μ) in the rotational direction and is suitable for the direction turn and right-angle transfer in production line.

Spring return type (lowered by means of exhaust)
Sizes other than shown below are also available.Please specify the details in the inquiry sheet.

※If the T-groove is deeper than 46mm, you need to adjust the height by installing a spacer underneath the ARU.
In such case, make sure that the ball extrudes 2mm from the upper surface of the bolster when the ARU rises.
We can provide various types of spacers.

Connection dimension diagram

Calculation formula of full length A=24.5+(Sum of L1)


ModelBody size(mm)WeightOperating air pressureData
Load capacity

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