Freebear S-type

Built-in spring type press-molded products adopting our proprietary technology.The load becomes uniform by means of the built-in spring, preventing uneven load caused by the shape of the conveyance object.

Recommended mounting hole size
(Please adjust the hole depth according to the ball exit)

□-3S∅20.5+0.108.6〜15.42or above
□-5S∅26+0.1012〜21.62or above

The conveyance objects with special shapes as shown
on the right may cause uneven load, which can be dispersed by using a product with built-in spring.


ModelAllowable loadMounting strengthMax. strengthMain ballSmall ballBodyWeightABCDEFData
C-3S5kg49N(5kgf)68N(7kgf)SteelSteelSteel18g∅20∅132.813.417.27/16″ Ball(∅11.1125)DXFPDF
S-3S5kg49N(5kgf)68N(7kgf)SUSSUSSUS17g∅20∅132.813.417.27/16″ Ball(∅11.1125)DXFPDF
P-3S1kg9.8N(1kgf)14.7N(1.5kgf)NylonSUSSteel12g∅20∅132.813.417.27/16″ Ball(∅11.1125)DXFPDF
C-5S8kg78N(8kgf)107N(11kgf)SteelSteelSteel37g∅25.8∅17.53.717.523.65/8″ Ball(∅15.875)DXFPDF
P-5S2kg19.6N(2kgf)34.3N(3.5kgf)NylonSUSSteel21g∅25.8∅17.53.717.523.65/8″ Ball(∅15.875)DXFPDF


ModelAllowable loadMounting strengthMax. strengthMain ballSmall ballBodyWeightABCDEFGHIData
C-8S20kg196N(20kgf)294N(30kgf)SteelSteelSteel238g∅50∅32P.C.D.62∅717.325.2343-∅4.51″ Ball(∅25.40)DXFPDF
P-8S5kg49N(5kgf)58.8N(6kgf)NylonSUSSteel161g∅50∅32P.C.D.62∅717.325.2343-∅4.51″ Ball(∅25.40)DXFPDF

※The weight of single conveyance object shall not exceed 1000 kg.
※Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for details.
※For materials not contained herein, please contact us.
※The main ball of the stainless steel products contained herein is made of SUS440C.Please consult us for rust prevention purposes.

with MF Seal

U.S.PAT. 11,447,342 B2

Microfiber (MF seal) is used for the seal.
The coefficient of friction is lower than that of conventional rubber-sealed products, and the coefficient of friction during workpiece transfer is the same as that of free bears without a seal.


ModelAllowable loadMounting strengthMax. strengthSlip loadMain ballSmall ballBodySealWeightData

※Please use the load received by one Freebear at [Slip load] or more.

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