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Labor-saving, time-saving, safe, space-saving
and cost-saving Freebear table owns 5 advantages.

It can be used not only in conveying heavy objects, but also in direction turn and workbench,
and plays a significant role in accelerating the operating speed, reducing cost and improving safety.

Its wide applications are the reliable evidence


By mounting freebears in a rack, you can carry in and out a heavy object simply and conveniently.
In addition, the cost for storage space is reduced as the position of a heavy object can also be adjusted easily even when being stored and no space is wasted.


Heavy objects can be conveyed with a slight force in a short period of time, without the need for huge and dangerous equipment such as forklifts or cranes. In addition, it can make a heavy object to seat, realizing the safe conveyance.


You can customize various combinations of the materials and sizes of freebears according to the intended use and installation site.

Rack can also be made

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