Our technology

Freebear with MF seal

Product features

U.S.PAT. 11,447,342 B2

①Low friction

Compared to conventional rubber seals (surface contact) The MF seal enables low friction due to point contact.



  • Microfiber (MF seal) is used for the seal.
  • The coefficient of friction is lower than that of conventional rubber-sealed products, and the coefficient of friction during workpiece transfer is the same as that of freebears without a seal.
    ※ Please use the load received by one freebear at [slip load] or more.


Has the same dustproof effect as conventional rubber seal products.

Experimental result

Sprinkle dust on the product and rotate the main ball multiple times up, down, left and right with fingers to allow the dust to get inside

Inside the product without MF seal

Obviously dust is in the ball seat

Inside the product with MF seal

Almost no dust on the ball seat

③Improvement of durability

Durability is improved by the MF seal adsorbing the wear debris generated inside.


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