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What is freebear

① Conveying by means of balls

Roller conveyors can only move workpieces
linearly, while freebears that use balls can move

② Low starting frictional resistance

By using freebears, the friction on the load
changes from “sliding friction” to “rolling friction”,
which can easily move the load.(Starting frictional resistance refers to the initial resistance when moving a heavy object from rest.)

●When freebears are unused
● When freebears are used

Freebear structure

① Upward and downward freebears

Upward type

Put the small balls in the ball seat,
and then put a main ball on them to rotate.

Please consult us for your use in the oblique and horizontal directions.

Downward type

The downward ball seat is mounted inside,
in which the small balls circulate.

② Press-molded products, Cutting-machined products

Press-molded products

Example of press-molded product

The ball seat is press-molded.⇒ made from sheet metals.

What is press molding

A processing method for forming sheet metals or the like by applying a pressure on the mold.

Cutting-machined products

Example of cutting-machined product

The ball seat is cutting-machined.⇒ made by cutting round bars.

What is cutting machining

A processing method using a tool to cut the material into a certain shape.

From the above, the wall thickness of R face of press-molded product is relatively
thin, while that of cutting-machined product is relatively thick.
※The weight of a single load for press-molded products shall not exceed 1000 kg.


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